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How to Activate the Srh Feature on Your Subaru: A Quick Guide

How to Turn on Srh Subaru

To turn on the srh feature on your subaru, locate the srh button on the dashboard and press it. The srh feature will activate, enhancing your visibility during challenging driving conditions.

Introducing the subaru srh feature, which enhances visibility and improves safety during challenging driving conditions. Driving in poor weather, such as rain, fog, or snow, can be hazardous, but with the srh feature, subaru vehicles prioritize safety. By simply locating the srh button on the dashboard and pressing it, you can activate this feature.

This article will guide you through the process of turning on srh in your subaru, allowing you to experience improved visibility and confidently navigate difficult road conditions. Stay tuned to learn how to make the most of this advanced feature and enjoy a safer driving experience in adverse weather.

How to Activate the Srh Feature on Your Subaru: A Quick Guide


Understanding The Srh Feature

What Is The Srh Feature In Subaru?

Subaru vehicles are known for their innovative technology and safety features, one of which is the srh feature. Srh, or steering responsive headlights, is a technology that enhances driving visibility and safety by actively turning the headlights in the direction the vehicle is turning.

This means that when you turn the steering wheel, the headlights will follow your movement, illuminating the road ahead and increasing your visibility around corners.

Working Principle Of The Srh Feature

The srh feature works by utilizing sensors, such as the steering angle sensor and vehicle speed sensor, to detect the movement and direction of the vehicle. When you initiate a turn, the system calculates the angle and speed of the turn and adjusts the headlights’ direction accordingly.

By automatically directing the headlights into the curve, the srh feature provides better visibility, especially in situations where traditional headlights might not fully illuminate the road ahead.

Here are some key points about the working principle of the srh feature:

  • The system relies on the data from the steering angle sensor and vehicle speed sensor to determine the appropriate adjustment of the headlights.
  • The headlights are designed to turn in the same direction as the vehicle’s steering, providing enhanced illumination around corners and curves.
  • The srh feature works seamlessly with the vehicle’s overall safety system, ensuring optimal performance in various driving conditions.
  • The system is activated when the vehicle reaches a certain speed and automatically adjusts the headlights as needed when turning the steering wheel.

Benefits Of Activating The Srh Feature

Activating the srh feature in your subaru vehicle comes with several benefits that contribute to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Here are some advantages of turning on the srh feature:

  • Improved visibility: The srh feature greatly enhances visibility, especially during nighttime driving or in low-light conditions. By directing the headlights into the turn, it illuminates the road ahead, making it easier to see potential hazards or obstacles.
  • Enhanced safety: With the srh feature, you can feel more confident and secure while driving, knowing that you have improved visibility around corners and curves. This technology reduces the risk of accidents by providing better lighting in critical areas.
  • Adaptability to different road conditions: Whether you are driving on winding roads, navigating through tight corners, or changing lanes, the srh feature automatically adjusts the headlights to match the steering input. This adaptability ensures optimal lighting in various road conditions.
  • Reduced driver fatigue: The srh feature helps to reduce driver fatigue by making it easier to see the road ahead. With better visibility and illumination, you can stay focused and alert during long drives, particularly in challenging lighting situations.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: In addition to its functional benefits, the srh feature also adds a stylish touch to your subaru vehicle. The dynamic movement of the headlights as they turn with the steering wheel gives your car a modern and sophisticated appearance.

Remember, activating the srh feature in your subaru vehicle not only improves visibility and safety but also adds an extra level of sophistication to your driving experience. So, enjoy the benefits of this innovative technology and drive with confidence knowing that your headlights are actively working to illuminate the path ahead.

Step-By-Step Guide To Activate Srh Feature

Are you ready to enhance your driving experience with the srh feature in your subaru? This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of activating the srh feature and customizing it to suit your preferences. Let’s get started!

Accessing The Settings Menu:

To begin, follow these simple steps to access the settings menu on your srh subaru:

  • Start your subaru vehicle and ensure that the infotainment display is powered on.
  • Locate the settings icon on the infotainment home screen.
  • Tap on the settings icon to open the settings menu.

Locating The Srh Feature Option:

Once you have accessed the settings menu, it’s time to locate the srh feature option. Follow these steps to find it:

  • Scroll through the settings menu to find the “vehicle settings” option.
  • Tap on “vehicle settings” to open the submenu.
  • Look for the “srh feature” option within the submenu.

Enabling Srh Feature:

Now that you have found the srh feature option, it’s time to enable it. Follow these steps to activate the srh feature:

  • Tap on the “srh feature” option to open the srh settings page.
  • Toggle the switch or checkbox next to the srh feature to enable it.
  • Once enabled, the srh feature will be ready for use.

Adjusting Srh Settings To Suit Your Preference:

After enabling the srh feature, you can customize its settings to suit your preference. Here’s how:

  • On the srh settings page, you will find various options to adjust.
  • Use the sliders or buttons to modify settings such as sensitivity, brightness, and display preferences.
  • Experiment with different settings until you find the optimal configuration for your driving needs.

By following these simple steps, you can easily activate the srh feature on your subaru and tailor it according to your preferences. Enjoy the benefits of improved safety and enhanced driving visibility with srh!

Remember to drive responsibly and prioritize safety while using the srh feature. Happy driving!

**for informational purposes only. Consult your vehicle’s user manual for accurate instructions tailored to your specific subaru model. **

Tips For Optimizing Srh Feature

Understanding Srh Feature In Different Weather Conditions

  • The srh feature, also known as steering responsive headlights, is a technology designed by subaru to enhance safety during nighttime driving. It improves visibility by adjusting the headlights’ direction in response to the steering wheel’s movements.
  • The srh feature is especially useful in various weather conditions, such as rain, fog, or snow. It allows for better illumination of the road ahead, making it easier to spot obstacles or hazards.
  • In rainy conditions, the srh feature helps prevent glare from water reflections, reducing eye fatigue and improving overall visibility.
  • When driving in fog, the srh feature can help illuminate the road at a lower angle, reducing glare and creating better contrast for improved visibility.
  • In snowy conditions, the srh feature assists in providing better light coverage on the road, helping to clearly see the edges of the road and potential hazards.

How To Use Srh Feature Effectively

  • Make sure the srh feature is activated in your subaru. You can typically find the srh control settings on the dashboard or infotainment system.
  • Keep in mind that the srh feature is most effective when driving at speeds above 25 mph (40 km/h). It may not engage or provide noticeable results at slower speeds.
  • Use the srh feature in combination with your regular headlights. The srh feature enhances illumination, but it is not a substitute for properly functioning headlights.
  • When turning corners or changing lanes, the srh feature will automatically adjust the headlights to improve visibility in the direction you are steering.
  • Remember that the srh feature relies on various sensors and algorithms to detect steering wheel movements. Avoid erratic or sudden steering inputs to allow the feature to work optimally.

How To Calibrate Srh Feature For Maximum Accuracy

  • Calibrating the srh feature can help ensure that it functions with maximum accuracy. Follow these steps to calibrate the srh feature in your subaru:
  • Start by finding a level, open area where you can safely drive in a straight line.
  • Drive at a steady speed for a short distance, making sure to maintain a straight trajectory.
  • Observe the headlights as you steer the wheel to both sides. The srh feature should smoothly adjust the headlights’ direction in response to your steering inputs.
  • If you notice any discrepancies or lack of responsiveness, it might be necessary to have the srh feature recalibrated by a subaru dealership or professional technician.
  • Additionally, periodically check that the srh feature is functioning properly, as it may be affected by certain conditions or malfunctions that require further calibration or maintenance.

Remember, understanding the srh feature in different weather conditions and knowing how to use and calibrate it effectively can greatly enhance your driving experience, particularly during nighttime journeys. Stay safe and enjoy the benefits of subaru’s innovative technology.

Troubleshooting Srh Feature Activation

Srh, or steering responsive headlights, is a feature available in subaru vehicles that provides enhanced visibility while driving at night or in low-light conditions. Activating this feature allows the headlights to pivot in sync with the direction of your vehicle, illuminating the road ahead more effectively.

However, like any other technology, there can be issues while activating the srh feature. In this section, we will discuss some common problems that users may encounter and provide troubleshooting steps to resolve them.

Common Issues While Activating Srh Feature

  • Srh feature not turning on:
  • Check if your vehicle is equipped with the srh feature by referring to the owner’s manual or contacting a subaru dealership.
  • Ensure that the headlights are in the “on” position.
  • Verify that the steering wheel is not locked or turned to the extreme left or right, as this may prevent the srh feature from activating.
  • Restart the vehicle and attempt to activate the srh feature again.
  • Srh feature not functioning as expected:
  • Make sure the road conditions are suitable for the srh feature to operate. If the roads are too narrow or there are obstacles blocking the headlights’ range, the feature may not function as intended.
  • Check the condition of the sensors that detect the steering wheel’s movement. Any damage or obstruction to these sensors may affect the srh feature’s performance.
  • Verify that the headlights are clean and not covered with dirt or debris, as this could hinder their movement.
  • Srh feature turning off randomly:
  • Inspect the vehicle’s battery voltage and ensure it is within the recommended range. Low voltage levels could cause the srh feature to shut off unexpectedly.
  • If the issue persists, schedule a service appointment with a subaru authorized technician for further diagnosis. They will have the necessary tools and expertise to identify and resolve any underlying electrical or mechanical issues causing the srh feature to turn off.

Troubleshooting Steps For Each Issue

  • Srh feature not turning on:
  • Confirm feature availability in the owner’s manual or contact subaru dealership.
  • Check headlight switch and ensure it is in the “on” position.
  • Verify the steering wheel’s position and ensure it is not locked or turned to the extreme left or right.
  • Restart the vehicle and try activating the srh feature again.
  • Srh feature not functioning as expected:
  • Assess road conditions and ensure they are suitable for the srh feature to operate effectively.
  • Inspect the steering wheel sensor for any damages or obstructions.
  • Clean the headlights to remove any dirt or debris that may impede movement.
  • Srh feature turning off randomly:
  • Check the vehicle’s battery voltage and ensure it meets the recommended range.
  • Consider scheduling a service appointment with an authorized subaru technician for further inspection and resolution of any underlying issues causing the srh feature to turn off unexpectedly.

Remember, in case these troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issues with activating the srh feature, it is best to seek professional help. A subaru authorized technician will have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and address any unresolved problems effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions About Srh Feature

Subaru is a popular brand known for its advanced features and cutting-edge technology. One such feature that has gained attention and sparked curiosity is the srh feature. If you’re wondering what it is and how to turn it on in your subaru, you’ve come to the right place.

In this section, we’ll address some frequently asked questions about the srh feature to help you understand it better.

**What Models Of Subaru Are Equipped With Srh Feature?**

  • Most recent subaru models are equipped with the srh feature. This technology is included in newer models like the subaru outback, forester, legacy, impreza, and crosstrek.
  • Subaru constantly strives to enhance the safety and driving experience of its vehicles, making the srh feature a standard inclusion in their current lineup.

**Can Srh Feature Be Enabled On Older Subaru Models?**

  • Unfortunately, the srh feature cannot be retrofitted or enabled on older subaru models that do not come factory-equipped with this technology.
  • The srh feature relies on specific sensors and hardware that are integrated into the newer models during manufacturing.
  • If the srh feature is something you value, it might be worth considering upgrading to a newer subaru model that includes this advanced safety feature.

**Does Activating Srh Feature Affect Battery Life?**

  • No, activating the srh feature does not significantly impact the battery life of your subaru.
  • The srh feature is designed to optimize power usage and ensure it does not unnecessarily drain the battery.
  • Subaru vehicles are equipped with robust electrical systems that can handle the additional power demands of the srh feature without causing any adverse effects on the battery.

By addressing these commonly asked questions about the srh feature, we hope we’ve provided you with a better understanding of what it entails and how it affects your subaru. Remember, the srh feature enhances your safety and driving experience by utilizing advanced technology, and it is available in most recent subaru models.

If you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of the srh feature, consider upgrading to a newer subaru model equipped with this exciting innovation.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Recap Of Steps To Activate Srh Feature

To activate the subaru rear/side vehicle detection with high beam assist (srh) feature, follow these simple steps:

  • Start by turning on your vehicle’s ignition and ensuring that the headlights are on.
  • Locate the “srh” button on your dashboard or steering wheel controls.
  • Press the “srh” button to activate the feature.
  • A light on your dashboard will illuminate, indicating that the srh feature is now active.

Importance Of Srh Feature For Safe Driving

The srh feature plays a crucial role in enhancing safe driving by providing advanced assistance and increased visibility. Here’s why this feature is essential:

  • Increased awareness: Srh technology utilizes radar sensors to detect vehicles approaching from the rear or sides, even in blind spots. This helps you stay informed about your surroundings and reduces the chances of an accident.
  • Enhanced visibility: The srh feature works in tandem with the high beam assist system, which automatically adjusts your headlights’ intensity based on road conditions and approaching traffic. This ensures optimal visibility without compromising the safety of other drivers.
  • Alertness to unexpected situations: Srh can detect approaching vehicles during lane changes, ensuring you’re aware of any potential hazards. This feature is especially beneficial during nighttime driving or in adverse weather conditions.

Final Tips For Maximizing The Benefits Of Srh Feature

Here are some additional tips to make the most of the srh feature and enhance your driving experience:

  • Familiarize yourself with the indicator light: Pay attention to the dashboard indicator light associated with the srh feature. Familiarize yourself with its appearance and meaning to quickly identify when the system is active.
  • Keep the sensors clean: The srh feature relies on radar sensors to detect other vehicles. Regularly clean the sensors, as dirt or debris buildup may hinder their performance. Use a soft cloth to wipe them down gently.
  • Regularly update your vehicle’s software: Manufacturers often release software updates for vehicle systems to improve functionality and address any bugs. Check for updates periodically and install them to ensure your srh feature is running optimally.
  • Understand the system’s limitations: While srh is a useful safety feature, it’s essential to understand its limitations. This technology may not detect vehicles in certain conditions, such as extreme weather or if they’re positioned too far away. Maintain vigilance and always check your blind spots when changing lanes or merging.

By following these tips and fully utilizing the srh feature, you can take advantage of its safety benefits and enjoy a more secure driving experience. Stay informed, drive responsibly, and let subaru’s advanced technology assist you on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Turn On Srh Subaru

How Do You Turn On Srh Subaru?

To turn on srh subaru, insert the key into the ignition, turn it clockwise, and hold for a few seconds until the engine starts.

What Should I Do If Srh Subaru Won’T Start?

If your srh subaru won’t start, check the battery connections, ensure the car is in park, and try jump-starting it.

How Can I Enable The Srh Feature In My Subaru?

To enable the srh feature in your subaru, go to the settings menu on the infotainment screen and toggle the srh option to on.

Can I Turn On Srh Subaru Remotely?

No, you cannot turn on srh subaru remotely as it requires physical access to the vehicle and the key.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Srh Feature In Subaru?

The srh feature in subaru provides better control and stability by distributing power to individual wheels, enhancing handling and traction, especially in tricky road conditions.


In a nutshell, turning on the srh subaru doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Remember to first locate the srh button, typically found on the touchscreen or center console.

Press the button, followed by the brake pedal, to activate the srh feature. Take note of the warning messages displayed on the dashboard and make sure to proceed with caution. Finally, enjoy the enhanced performance and stability that the srh subaru brings to your driving experience.

Whether you’re navigating tricky road conditions or simply looking for an added layer of safety, the srh feature is a valuable addition to your subaru. Don’t hesitate to make use of this innovative technology and take control of your driving experience like never before.

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