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How to Put Wheels on a Chicken Tractor

How to Put Wheels on a Chicken Tractor

To put wheels on a chicken tractor, position wheels under the frame and secure them with bolts and washers. Use a drill for attaching brackets for stable support.

Chicken tractors are a handy way to move your poultry around, providing fresh ground for them to forage. Adding wheels makes it easier to transport the tractor across your property. By following a few simple steps, you can make this upgrade efficiently.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of putting wheels on a chicken tractor. Regardless of your DIY skill level, you can successfully complete this project with just a few basic tools and materials. Let’s get started!

How to Put Wheels on a Chicken Tractor


Choosing The Right Wheels

Consider The Terrain

“` When choosing wheels for your chicken tractor, it’s important to consider the terrain where it will be used. Be it bumpy, rough, or smooth, the terrain greatly influences the kind of wheels that will best suit your chicken tractor. Selecting the Appropriate Wheel Size “`html

Selecting The Appropriate Wheel Size

“` The right wheel size for your chicken tractor is vital for its efficient movement. Ensure the wheels are suitable for the weight of the chicken tractor and can effortlessly navigate the terrain. Larger wheels are ideal for rough terrains, while smaller wheels work well on smoother surfaces. When choosing wheels, it’s crucial to consider load capacity and durability. Opt for wheels designed to support your specific chicken tractor’s weight and able to withstand the rigors of the intended terrain. Lastly, prioritize wheels that are easy to maintain and replace, providing you with long-term usability and convenience when it comes to maintenance and repairs. By considering the terrain and selecting the appropriate wheel size, you can ensure your chicken tractor moves effortlessly and efficiently across various landscapes.

Attaching Wheels To The Chicken Tractor

Gathering the Necessary Tools:
Ensure you have a wrench, measuring tape, drill, bolts, and wheels handy.

Preparing the Tractor for Wheel Installation:
1. Measure and mark the spots where the wheels will be attached.
2. Drill holes at the marked points for the bolt insertion.
3. Lift the tractor to provide easier access to attach the wheels.

Securing the Wheels to the Tractor:
1. Insert bolts into the holes drilled earlier.
2. Position the wheels over the bolts and secure them with nuts.
3. Tighten all nuts to ensure the wheels are firmly attached.

Maintenance And Upkeep

Learn how to easily put wheels on a chicken tractor to simplify maintenance and upkeep. By adding wheels to your chicken tractor, you can effortlessly move it around your yard, improve accessibility, and ensure proper cleaning and care for your chickens.

This simple modification will make your chicken tractor more versatile and user-friendly.

Maintaining Chicken Tractor Wheels

Regularly Inspecting The Wheels

Inspect your chicken tractor wheels weekly to prevent issues. Look for damage or loose parts.

Replacing Damaged Or Worn Out Wheels

If wheels are damaged or worn out, replace them immediately to ensure smooth operation.

How to Put Wheels on a Chicken Tractor


How to Put Wheels on a Chicken Tractor


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Put Wheels On A Chicken Tractor

How Do You Put Wheels On A Chicken Tractor?

To put wheels on a chicken tractor, start by selecting a suitable set of wheels. Attach brackets to the bottom corners of the tractor, making sure they are level. Attach the wheels to the brackets securely using bolts or screws.

Ensure the wheels are properly aligned and test for stability before moving the tractor.

Why Should I Put Wheels On A Chicken Tractor?

Adding wheels to a chicken tractor offers several benefits. It allows for easy mobility, enabling you to move the tractor to fresh grazing areas. This helps prevent damage to the ground and allows the chickens to access fresh grass and insects.

It also helps in managing predators and gives you more control over their environment.

Can I Use Any Type Of Wheels For A Chicken Tractor?

While you have options for wheels, it’s essential to choose ones that are suitable for the terrain and weight of your chicken tractor. Large wheels with sturdy treads work well on uneven surfaces, while smaller wheels may be sufficient for smoother terrain.

Ensure the wheels are durable, capable of bearing the tractor’s weight, and provide adequate mobility.


Putting wheels on a chicken tractor can provide numerous benefits for both the chickens and the farmer. It allows for easy mobility, better access to fresh forage, and increased protection from predators. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can ensure a smooth and efficient process for adding wheels to your chicken tractor.

Happy farming!

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